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Roger Doepke

Roger Doebke

It seems there is no end to opinions one can find in Unitarian Universalism, nor is there any hesitancy to express them. As I start serving my term as President of the Fellowship I hope to offer some opinions by way of this Blog. Expressing my opinions, albeit with some hesitation, is designed to spark conversations and increase dialog. Understanding that each of us is the product of our experiences, I submit that my observations and how I connect the dots in my worldview result from experiences unique to me. Please bring the results of your experiences to the conversation and enhance the dialog when we come together this summer to join in fellowship. I am very much looking forward to see each one of you.

A Community in Conversation

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As Unitarian Universalist we feel fortunate to have the freedom to choose and articulate our beliefs. We own our spirituality. When we speak of our cosmology or worldview we use a personal vocabulary to communicate our ideas to others. But, within our community there exists a sensitivity to words rooted in theology and this prevents us from having real conversations. The challenge we face is accommodating all of the spiritual and religious lexicon used within our diverse community.

We are a community where dialog is encouraged. We frequently articulate our individual convictions and converse with other community members using our vocabulary. We use words to describe our worldview that are particular to our beliefs, and when we encounter others, they may use a different vocabulary to describe their experiences and a worldview much different from our own. The challenge we face is how to accommodate a variety of terminologies to make the conversation work. Continue Reading »