9 Weeks of Summer at 6 Bliss

2016 Podcasts

Please note:  Beginning in 2015 all the Sunday Sermons and Ethics Lectures are recorded as podcasts.   PDF files are available at the minister’s discretion on the Past Sermons page.

  Click the blue link to download to your computer or favorite listening device.

Sunday Sermons

June 26 Frank Hall – Human Merely Being: What Does It Mean to be Human?

July 3  Allison Kohler – Doubt and Uncertainty

July 10  Dr. John Hopper – Whole Person Humanism

July 17  Sam Trombone – Humanistic Buddhism

July 24David Herndon – Community Organizing: A Path Toward Social Justice

  July 31  Lee Barker – The Cynic Was Right

  August 7 Jacqueline Brett – Sources of Hope

August 14  David A. Miller – The Change We Wish to See

August 21  Michael McGee – All That Jazz

August 28  Daniel Budd – People of the Word


2016 Ethics Series Lectures – The Ethics of Motherhood

Monday Feizal Waffam, MD – From Conception to Birth; The Ontogeny of Embryonic and Fetal Development 

Tuesday  Pathak D. Wadhwa, MD – The Fetal Origins of Adult Health and Disease Risk

Note:  The Wednesday and Thursday speakers asked that recordings not be done.

   Friday Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell – Mother, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother: The Life Long Journey of Motherhood