9 Weeks of Summer at 6 Bliss

2015 Podcasts

Please note:  Beginning in 2015 all the Sunday Sermons and Ethics Lectures are recorded as podcasts.   PDF files are available at the minister’s discretion on the Past Sermons page.

Click the blue link to download to your computer or favorite listening device.

Sunday Morning Sermons

June 28  Frank Hall – “The Long Green Hose”

July 5  Allison Wohler – “A Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit”

July 12  David Breeden – “A Row Boat in the Woods: Humanism and Post-Christian America”

July 19  Kate Walker – “Who’s in Control Here?”

July 26  Rod Richards – “I Pledge Allegiance: Politics & Religion Routinely Avoided”

August 2  Jason Cook – “What Remains”

August 9  Alix Klingenberg – “In the Dark: Vulnerability and the Origins of Community”

August 16  Joan Gelbein – “The Power of Grace” 

August 23  Michael McGee – “The Most Earth Shaking Question in Life”

August 30  Steve Aschmann – “Liberating Lebensraum”

2015 Ethics Series Lectures – Ethics and the Arts 

Monday  Andrew Borba – Theater
Tuesday William Laubscher – Architecture
Friday Steve Tigner – Literature
Wednesday Audrey Kay Dowling – Visual Arts
Thursday David Levy – Music